FOF Online Course September 2023

Dearly Beloved,

Warm greetings to you and yours!

Trust you are well and staying safe.

Thank you for registering and/or enrolling in the FOF Online Course September 2023 scheduled to hold from Sunday, 24th September to Sunday, 22nd October 2023.

The Course topics and Class Online Session dates are as follows;

Time: 7.00 pm (WAT) 

Welcoming and Orientation - Sunday, 24th September

Class 1: The New Creation Realities - Saturday, 30th September

Class 2: Integrity of God's Word - Sunday, 1st October

Class 3: The Holy Spirit - Saturday, 7th October

Class 4: What is Faith? - Sunday, 8th October

Class 5: Praise and Worship - Saturday, 14th October

Class 6: Prayer - Sunday, 15th October

Class 7: Love - Saturday, 21st October

Wrap-up Session: All Classes -  Sunday, 22nd October

Please note the following: 

Mode of Delivery: 
The Foundation of Faith Online Course (FOF) will be delivered live via Zoom sessions. The course also includes:

1. Personal Study: 
Students shall receive class notes via email and on the class WhatsApp Groups (kindly find the link at the end of this message) ahead of each class. You are encouraged to pray, make the class confession and study the notes ahead of each class.

2. Group Activities: 
Students will be allocated to small groups where they will have opportunities to participate in group activities, and learn from and share with other believers.

3. Class Questions/Answers:
This is an opportunity for students to ask questions relating to the topics covered in each class. The session holds via zoom at 7.00 pm (WAT) on the dates stated above.  

4. Class Attendance & Feedback: 
Students shall mark attendance and provide feedback for each class using the feedback links for each class to be shared via email and on the WhatsApp group. Please take note of the 4-digits attendance code which shall be stated/mentioned by the teacher before the end of each zoom class. Students are expected to provide the code in the class feedback to confirm their attendance of the class. 
Please use the same name and email address used in registering for FOF while completing the Attendance and Feedback form. This is of utmost importance as it is the only way to confirm attendance and qualify for a certificate of completion.

Click on the link below to join the Main WhatsApp Group for the Session:


For further inquiries, please send an email to

We wish you an impactful and life-changing experience with God's Word.

Thank you and God bless you.


  • Class 1: The New Creation Realities : Starts 30/Sep/2023

    A teaching on the reality of our redemption in Christ; on who we are in Christ and the implications of His death, burial and resurrection to the Believer.

  • Class 2: Integrity of God's Word : Starts 01/Oct/2023

    A teaching on the efficacy and potency of the Word of God. The Word of God is a "more sure word of prophecy''.

  • Class 3: The Holy Spirit : Starts 07/Oct/2023

    A teaching on the personality of the Holy Spirit; the third person of the Trinity. An exposition on His indwelling in the rejuvenated Christian's spirit and His ministration in such a Christian's life.

  • Class 4: What Is Faith? : Starts 08/Oct/2023

    A teaching on the principle of faith as part of the lifestyle of the Believer.

  • Class 5: Praise and Worship : Starts 14/Oct/2023

    A teaching on the lifestyle of praise & worship as a core foundation of the Believer's walk with God.

  • Class 6: Prayer : Starts 15/Oct/2023

    A teaching on the practicality of prayer and constant communication with God, through the Holy Spirit.

  • Class 7: Love : Starts 21/Oct/2023

    A teaching on the love of God towards man, and on the love of God a rejuvenated Christian should show towards other men.